100W Samsung Quantum Board

RedFarm Quantum Boards are our line world's highest efficiency horticulture light engines. Built with Seoul UV and Osram IR supplemental LED to help boost UV IR output to plants.

Discover Quantum100 SPEC, the perfect LED Grow light for your culture ! This lamp uses 1 high efficiency Quantum Boards with Samsung LM301H LED's, Osram Deep Red LED 660nm and Far Red 730nm and Seoul UV 385nm 395nm With 0 - 100 watts of power, it produces a full spectrum perfect for plants.

Flowering footprint is 45 x 45cm and Veg Footprint is 80 x 80cm. The dimensiosn of the product is 310*310*75mm.

This product is sold with US/EU/UK/AU plug. Recommended Mounting Height : 18-36 inches above canopy

Top Features

LEDs: Samsung LM301H & Osram Deep Red 660nm 730nm, 395nm

PPE:2.4umol/J-2.6 umol/J


Power:105W@120Vac 100W@240Vac

Input Voltage:100-277Vac(347-480Vac Optional)

Flowering Footprint:  45x 45cm / Veg Footprint : 90 x 90cm

Dimensions :310*310*75mm

Dimming: 0-100 Watts Dimming


Full-spectrum White and 660nm Red 730nm IR 395nm UV

Reliable passive cooled design

Guaranteed 3 years

High rate of penetration in the canopy

Higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple Quantum100 lamps.

White Light Full Spectrum for better results

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