Professional Redfarm Hot 1200w Cannabis Samsung Osram LED Grow Light Manufacturers

Professional Redfarm Hot 1200w Cannabis Samsung Osram LED Grow Light Manufacturers

RedFarm Professional Hot manufacturers,Warranty Advantages: 5years warranty and spare parts for replacement.



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+86 13410973788


+86 13410973788
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RedFarm G2 Mars LED grow light professional designed for commercial, greenhouse, research and indoor growing.This full spectrum led grow light with Samsung LM301H Osram high power LEDs,high efficacy up to 2.9umol/J-3.2 umol/J .Redfarm's high-power LED grow lights are superior in radiant efficiency to all other grow lights including HID, HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, plasma, fluorescent,white and other LEDs.



Horticulture LED Grow Light


G2 MARS3000 Pro


1200 Watt

Input Voltage

100-277V AC


Samsung Osram Seoul


UL Listed



PPE @ 277V AC

2.9 µmol/J 

Daisy Chain




Heat Output

3960 BTU / Hours


50000 hours





Package (mm)




Hanging Height

24”-48” Above Plants


Greenhouse,Hydroponics,Indoor Garden


Discover G2 Mars 1200W SPEC, the perfect LED Grow light for your culture ! This lamp uses 8 high efficiency Quantum Bars with Samsung LM301H LED's, Osram Deep Red LED 660nm and Far Red 730nm, 0 -1200 watts of power, it produces a full spectrum perfect for plants.

Flowering footprint is 150 x 150cm and Veg Footprint is 200 x200cm. The dimensiosn of the product is 1122*1122*35mm.

This product is sold with US/EU/UK/AU plug. Recommended Mounting Height : 24-48 inches above canopy 

Top Features

Model:G2 MARS3000 Pro

LEDs: Samsung LM301H & Osram Deep Red 660nm 730nm

PPE:2.8umol/J-3.2 umol/J


Power:1200W@120Vac 1160W@240Vac

Input Voltage:100-277Vac(347-480Vac Optional)

Flowering Footprint:  150x 150cm / Veg Footprint : 210 x 210cm

Dimensions :1122*1122*35mm

Dimming: 0-1200 Watts Dimming (0-100%)


Full-spectrum White and 660nm Red 730nm IR 

Reliable passive cooled design

Guaranteed 5 years

High rate of penetration in the canopy

Higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple Mars 1200w lamps.

White Light Full Spectrum for better results

Contact Redfarm for more information,

The LED circuit boards of RedFarm  have passed through a solder reflow oven (a hot air furnace that melts the solder paste) to guarantee the best quality.


1.Q9:Does Redfarm accept working together to develop new products?
A:Redfarm accept develop new grow light products with customers under a firm contract,details please contact redfarm.
2.Q8.How to be a retailer of RedFarm?
A:Fisrtly to be sure in your area there is no Redfarm retailer ,Redfarm would like to help retailers get more local market share in price and service support.
3.Q1. Why Choose Redfarm LED Lights?
A:Redfarm devotes to provide professional led grow lights.Using samsung and osram LEDs ,real high efficacy up to 2.7-3.2umol/J, all drivers with UL cerfitificates and real heavier aluminum heat sink for excellent heat dissipation.


1.Customization Advantage: Redfarm accept small quantity sample order customization and Redfarm will return all customization fee in bulk order.
2.Team Advantage:Redfarm team is a open mind young team, our team believes only quality products lives long,all Redfarm new products test in real grow environment in Hunan Agricultural University Labs, All Redfarm end products before ship passed all quality control checking procedure.
3.Production Advantage: With 4500 square meter factory area,Redfarm can supply 1000pcs lamps every day and supply bulk order in short time.
4.Price Advantage: 1.In order to obtain long-term and large-scale orders, we are not make profits on R&D costs. 2.Authorized by Inventronics and Sosen driver brand, Samsung Osram LED brand,Redfarm produce our lamps high quality with low price. 3.Self-own injection machine for waterproof connector molding,fast and cheap.

About RedFarm

RedFarm is a high-tech enterprise with 4500sqm factory area which has been specialized in LED grow lighting solutions for 9 years offline,ODM OEM IDM for popular brands and online trading companies,including research, development, production.RedFarm is aiming to provide both domestic and foreign customers with high-quality products and service.  The main products for RedFarm are led grow lights, control system and other relative components. As one of the leading led grow lights supplier in China,RedFarm had been authorized by Samsung and Osram.most of our products are patented and certificated to CE,RoHS,FCC,ETL ,DLC,UL8800.Our products are mainly exported to Europe,North America,Australia.We want to create the best possible plant grow lights available. This means we don't always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that we don't cut any corners. Holding the philosophy of "Maximum profits, Exceptional crop performance", we strive to provide professional services, especially we can provide the most suitable products according to your needs, and at the same time, we can maximize the cost savings. Leave us a message via  or  WhatsApp (+86)134 1097 3788  we will reply within 12hours.

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