Cheap Factory Supply Quantum 630W Samsung Lm301h Osram LED Grow Light Board With UV IR by Redfarm

Cheap Factory Supply Quantum 630W Samsung Lm301h Osram LED Grow Light Board With UV IR by Redfarm

RedFarm Quantum 650w Led Grow Light with 2.7 umol/J high efficacy, Mixed samsung lm301h  Osram 660nm 730nm and Seoul UV. Great enhance flowering. By support daisy chain dimming,it's easy to manage brightness and timing.



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RedFarm Quantum Board Led Grow Light are our line world's highest efficiency horticulture light engines. Built with Seoul UV and Osram IR supplemental LED to help boost UV IR output to plants.

Discover G1 Quantum650 Board SPEC, the perfect LED Grow light for your culture ! 


Name Quantum Board Led Grow Light Model       G1 Quantum650 
Power 650 Watt
100-277V AC ( Optional 347V-480V AC )    
LED ModelSamsung Lm301h Osram Seoul 385nm 395nm LED Driver UL Driver -7yrs Warranty    
PPE @ 277V AC    2145 BTU / HoursPPF 1755umol/s
Heat Output 2145 BTU/hourLifespan50000hours 
Daisy Chain>2000pcsDimming0-100%
N.W.(KGS)    9.5KGS    G.W.(KGS)      11.5KGS  
Hanging Height  12'-48' Above canopy    Application    Grow Tent,Hydroponics,Greenhouse    

Our Quantum products uses High Efficiency white light Quantum boards, with Samsung LM301H and Osram Seoul LED's, for a great and powerful culture !

Discover RedFarm Quantum which are the perfect lamps for vegging, clones, supplement light,small plants and big plants with light dimmable function.

RedFarm Quantum uses high efficiency Quantum boards with Samsung LM301H LED and full spectrum with UV IR led diodes, for better results ! osram led grow light 

Our Samsung quantum 650w led grow light can replace a single-ended 1000watt HID. This lamp uses 2 of full-spectrum high efficiency white light quantum boards with Samsung LM301H,Osram Deep Red LED 660nm Far Red (IR) 730nm and Seoul (UV) 395nm.RedFarm G1 samsung led grow light board are much powerful than HLG 550 V3.led grow light adjustable spectrum.

In the horticultural LED lighting system industry, creating a satisfactory lighting condition for plant growth applications is critical.

Horticulture LED lighting system manufacturers must fit optimal light features for crop growth and production, while also aiming to reduce electricity consumption by electrical efficiency maximization.

Flowering footprint is 120 x 120cm and Veg Footprint is 150 x 150cm. The dimensiosn of the product is 800*744*32mm.

This product is sold with US/EU/UK/AU plug. Recommended Mounting Height : 18-36 inches above canopy

Spectrum Chart:

Top Features

Model : G1 Quantum 650 watt

LEDs : Samsung LM301H & Osram Deep Red 660nm 730nm,Seoul 395nm

PPE : 2.7umol/J

Power : 650W@120Vac 630W@240Vac

Input Voltage : 100-277Vac(347-480Vac Optional)

Flowering Footprint : 120x 120cm / Veg Footprint : 150 x 150cm

Dimensions : 800*744*32mm

Dimming: 0-650 Watts Dimming


Full-spectrum White and 660nm Red 730nm IR 395nm UV

Reliable passive cooled design

Guaranteed 3 years

High rate of penetration in the canopy

Higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple Quantum650 lamps.

White Light Full Spectrum for better quantum board led grow light

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