4x6ft 1000W LED grow lights full spectrum for commercial cannabis growing

4x6ft 1000W LED grow lights full spectrum for commercial cannabis growing

Professional 4x6 ft 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For commercial cannabis,Get sustainable production of superior quality indoor crops with this 10-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights. It is an excellent lighting solution for commercial horticulture. It mimics natural light and ensures it gets evenly distributed to every area for fast and complete plant development. The biggest benefit is that it comes with a dimming function, 10 bars, aluminum heat sink, zero noise design, etc.



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Professional 4x6 ft 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For commercial cannabis

RedFarm G3 Mars 1000w Samsung 10 bars LED grow light professional designed for commercial, greenhouse, research and indoor growing.This full spectrum led grow lights with Samsung LM301H Osram high power LEDs,high efficacy up to 2.8umol/J-3.2 umol/J .Redfarm's high-power high intensity LED grow lights are superior in radiant efficiency to all other grow lights including HID, HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, plasma, fluorescent,white and other LEDs.



1000W LED Grow Light  UV IRModelG3 Mars2000 Pro
Power      1000 Watt Input Voltage       100-277V AC  (optional 347-480V)     
LED  Samsung Lm301h Osram PPE @ 277V AC     2.9 µmol/J 
PPF    2900 µmol/s Dimming           0-100% 
Daisy Chain       > 2000 unitsDriver          UL Listed
Heat Output     3300 BTU / hours  Lifespan50000 hours



N.W.(KGS)              17.0KGS  

Package (mm)        


G.W.(KGS)         19.0KGS 
Hanging Height    12”-48” Above Plants Application               Greenhouse,Hydroponics,Indoor Garden 


Discover G3 Mars Full Spectrum 1000W Samsung LED Grow Light UV IR SPEC, the perfect LED Grow light for your culture ! This lamp uses 8 high efficiency Quantum Bars with Samsung LM301H LED's, Osram Deep Red LED 660nm and Far Red 730nm UV 385nm 395nm, 0 -900 watts of power, it produces a full spectrum perfect for plants.the world best cannabis led vs hps, Samsung 301H led grow light 900w. Cannabis professional led grow lights. led grow light china manufacturer.

Flowering footprint is 180 x 180cm and Veg Footprint is 240 x240cm. The dimensiosn of the product is 1120*1120*42mm.

This product is sold with US/EU/UK/AU plug. Recommended Cannabis led light height /Mounting Height : 24-48 inches above canopy 

Spectrum Chart:




RedFarm advanced spectrum 900W Mars Series Model G3 10-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light comes with a full spectrum design closer to the natural light. Plant exposure to the grow light bar boosts the terpene level. It ensures better and complete plant growth – from seedling to harvest. This high-performance LED grow light works well with plants grown in water and soil.

The grow light comes with a manual dimmer that helps you manually set the right spectrum for the plants at different growing stages. optional Redfarm intelligent controllers,can freely set time and light intensity,phone WIFI control offers you complete control over the output and period. This highly efficient LED grow light offers more than 50% energy savings. By replacing your fluorescent tubes and other conventional lights, you can save a significant amount of money.

It is built with the consumer's safety and health in mind. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the human ocular system. It comes with ten efficient Light Bars consisting of white red UV IR LEDs (8 bar+2 bar) that offer even and wide coverage to benefit your plants from anywhere. The grow light has a plug-and-play design.

The plug-and-play system is easy to implement with minimal cost. All die-casting aluminum bodies offer great heat dissipation for the long life span of the light. It ensures that the system stays cool and consumers get high output.

It is also foldable design and light. come with instruction,also makes this full-spectrum LED light easy to set up and move from one place to another. The model performs silently. So, it ensures no disturbance to you and others at all when it's running.


Top Features

Model : G3 Mars2000 Pro

LEDs : Samsung LM301H & Osram Deep Red 660nm 730nm

PPE : 2.9 umol/J

PPFD : 1236umol/m2/s1@24"

Power : 1000W 

Input Voltage : 100-277Vac(347-480Vac Optional)

Flowering Footprint : 180x 180cm / Veg Footprint : 240 x 240cm

Dimensions : 1110*1110*42mm

Dimming : 0-1000 Watts Dimming (0-100%)

Cannabis LED Light Distance:24-48 inches above canopy 


Full-spectrum White and 660nm Red ,730nm IR ,385nm 395 UV

Power to replace 2000W HPS

Reliable passive cooled design,Industrial aluminum heat sink

Guaranteed 5 years

High rate of penetration in the canopy

Higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area, or by crossing over using multiple G3 Mars 1000w lamps.

White Light Full Spectrum for better results.Professional samsung led grow light kit

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